SEND Local Offer

At Holyport College we are proud of our inclusive ethos. Indeed, our admissions policy makes specific provision for those pupils in receipt of pupil premium, who constitute up to 20% of our cohort. We are equally welcoming of those pupils with EHCPs and in accordance with the law, children whose Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) names the school can be admitted unless doing so would be incompatible with the provision of efficient education for other.

Please note the following:

1. Our compulsory full-time curriculum runs from 8.40am to 5.30pm, with a further 1-1.5 hours dedicated to prep in the evening. It is undeniably a long school day.

2. All students at Holyport College study a compulsory foreign language. All students are required to undertake a modern foreign language (French or Spanish) up to and including GCSE level as part of their statutory curriculum entitlement.

3. We only have two classes in Years 7 and 8, with pupils placed in mixed ability sets. This is different to larger local secondary schools, who have the ability to set students of different abilities across a greater number of classes (up to 10 in some cases).

4. As our classrooms are designed for 24 students they are, by their nature, physically small - with limitations on the number of support staff able to effectively operate within them.

5. The College is unable to provide additional adult support for any child in the classroom unless this is specifically mandated and funded within an individual's EHCP.

SEND Local Offer and School SEN Information Report | PDF 253 KB

RBWM have launched a new Send Local Offer website - information can be found here:

RBWM SEND Local Offer leaflet

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