Welcome to Holyport College

Holyport College provides a joyous and inclusive education.

It is uncompromising in encouraging each individual to aspire to academic excellence, to learn that embracing opportunity is its own achievement and to understand that a diverse, harmonious and happy community is the foundation of individual success…

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Cultivating a culture of compassion

Fostering relationships through unity

Unlocking potential for every student

Inspiring dreams and ambition

Our Curriculum

Holyport College was established on the unwavering belief that every young individual, irrespective of their background or abilities, deserves the inherent right to delve into a diverse array of academic subjects. Every child should be afforded the opportunity to attain aspirational qualifications across a broad spectrum of academic pursuits…

{At Holyport people from all different backgrounds and cultures are celebrated
Year 12
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{There's lots of opportunities at Holyport, it's kind and inclusive and overall a very good school
Year 8
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{Holyport is like a big family, you can walk outside and talk to anyone
Year 7
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{Everyone feels like they belong here and that we are all part of something really special
Year 10


Our co-curricular program at Holyport College transforms afternoons into opportunities for students to explore, refine, and embrace their passions. This dedicated time serves as a canvas for students to not only develop their existing interests but also venture into new and enriching experiences. Our Co-currculum consists of six key strands to ensure each child is free to follow their passion.



Sports and activities which promote physical fitness and wellbeing




Activities which challenge students to think, often in different ways to the traditional curriculum




Activities which encourage students to engage with, and contribute to, our shared cultural heritage including music, art, drama, film, literature and philosophy




Activities which encourage students to become active citizens of the modern world and to contribute both to the College community and to the wider community as a whole




Activities which allow students to slow down, destress and take a break from the busyness of their lives




Activities designed to provide additional academic support to students over and above their timetabled lessons



With more than 40% of our students living on site, boarding is at the heart of the College community and reflects its values and ethos. The modern boarding model that we provide seeks to replicate the family atmosphere of a home where relationships are familiar in nature and the environment relaxed and stable.

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The Eton Partnership

We take great pride in our collaboration with Eton College. This strategic partnership has enabled us to establish connections between the two institutions on multiple fronts, encompassing governance, the shared utilization of facilities, and the creation of diverse opportunities for both staff and students. Through this influential relationship, Holyport students benefit from a broad range of opportunities that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

It is our mutual aim for the relationship between Eton and Holyport to become the gold standard by which other state and independent school collaborations are judged

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Latest News

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Hollyport appeals to aspirational, intellectually curious students with a zest for fun and adventure. Our school combines academic excellence with a spirit of exploration to cultivate well-rounded individuals ready for exceptional futures. Join us and experience a unique blend of academic excellence and opportunities to grow.

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