Sixth Form Overview

The Sixth Form at Holyport College aims to ensure that its students achieve the full potential of which they are capable: that they become happy, successful and well informed members of the global community; that they will always understand and cherish the value of learning for its own sake; futures in which they will be resilient, self-reliant and morally upstanding adults whatever their chosen paths; and that they will have the necessary qualifications and personal attributes to choose these paths wisely. 

Holyport College Sixth Form

We believe that, in preparing our students for a university education at Oxbridge, Russell Group Universities or other institutions with global reputations for excellence, we are giving them the best possible opportunity to achieve these futures. Our curriculum is constructed with this pathway in mind, its emphasis being on academic A-Level subjects which facilitate entry to top universities. Our culture, standards and expectations reflect this aspiration through all aspects of college life

As a boarding school, we have an opportunity to act as a bridge between school and university where our students can enjoy an independent yet supported approach to their studies. Likewise, our relationship with Eton College offers opportunities for enrichment, extension and depth of learning.

 Holyport College was established to offer a very high standard of state funded education: an education with higher aspirations and higher expectations; an education founded on a sense of community, collaboration and mutual respect; an education which does not offer excuses, cut corners or look for shortcuts; an education predicated on the fundamental tenet that our students can achieve standards on a par with the best students in the best schools in the country, be they state funded or independent. Our Sixth Form is the embodiment of this vision and our students are a testament to it.

You can view our Sixth Form Prospectus here:

Sixth Form Prospectus