The College’s co-curriculum is far more than simply a few activities at the end of our school day: we view it as an integral part of life at Holyport College and one of the reasons our students are so rounded, positive and successful.

Co-Curriculum ActivitiesWe put aside 60 minutes per day (Monday to Thursday) for our co-curriculum (from 14:15-15:15 on a Monday and from 16:00-17:00 from Tuesday to Thursday) and, during this time, students are encouraged to develop and refine their interests alongside trying new experiences.

We have a huge range of activities on offer from traditional team sports to American football and yoga; several drama clubs (alongside rehearsals for our school productions), choirs, dance and instrumental groups; various academic activities including both intervention and enrichment/extension sessions and a host of other activities, clubs and societies.

There is also the opportunity for any student who wants to to set up their own club or activity to do so.

Co-Curriculum Offer Autumn 2021

Our co-curriculum activities fall into SIX broad categories (many of activities crossing over between more than one category):

  • Physical: Sports and activities which promote physical fitness and wellbeing
  • Intellectual: Activities which challenge students to think, often in different ways to the traditional curriculum
  • Cultural: Activities which encourage students to engage with, and contribute to, our shared cultural heritage including music, art, drama, film, literature and philosophy
  • Service: Activities which encourage students to become active citizens of the modern world and to contribute both to the College community and to the wider community as a whole
  • Mindfulness: Activities which allow students to slow down, destress and take a break from the busyness of their lives
  • Intervention: Activities designed to provide additional academic support to students over and above their timetabled lessons

Alongside the 60 minutes set aside for co-curricular activities each afternoon, students (both day and boarding) also benefit from a broad range of experiences in the evenings and at weekends including (but certainly not limited to): lectures and talks from visiting speakers; trips to the theatre or to sporting events; the opportunity to participate in concerts and other performances; trips to art galleries or museums and residential trips both within the UK and overseas.

Some activities which take place outside of the school day may incur an additional cost. Please contact your son or daughter’s Housemaster if there is an activity which you would like them to take part in but you cannot afford to pay for as, in certain circumstances, we are able to help with the cost of these.