Sciences at Holyport College

Science is fundamental to the success of humans as a species and also to the future of our planet as a home for all life on earth. Science impacts on every area of our lives, it is our servant and is a force for good. It underpins our understanding on why we are here and how we exist in a fragile balance with the earth’s resources and all life on earth.

Biology considers exactly what makes something alive and then how life interacts. It focuses on cellular structure, processes & biochemistry. On a macro level it describes the flow of energy and particles within and between the earth’s varied ecosystems. 

Chemistry describes how particles behave, within the different states of matter to inside atoms themselves. It is the study of bonding and energy in chemical reactions. Chemistry starts at the dawn of time with the formation of the chemical elements in the big bang and in stars. These elements, and the compounds they form, make up the materials from which the entire universe is made and used to produce new materials.

Physics explores the nature of matter, energy and the interactions between them. It explores the fundamental truths of how things were, how things are, how things will be and why the Universe behaves as it does.

Psychology: The four main goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict and control the behavioural and mental processes of others. It seeks to explain how we understand the behaviour of others and gathers information about how the brain works in order to better serve humanity.

An Overview of Sciences at Holyport College

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