Physical Education at Holyport College

"If Physical Education (PE) is to be regarded as educative, it should involve meaningful physical experiences that lead to the growth of further experience." (Dewey 1938).

Holyport takes much confidence and direction from it’s sponsor, Eton College, who place a significant importance upon the value of being physically active and adopting a willingness to participate regularly. PE has considerable competition from other cultural players with particular vested interests in capturing the hearts, minds and bodies of young people. It is by no surprise that with PE, sport and physical activity featuring daily at the College, students are quickly hooked and being active becomes a habitual part of everyday school life.

Meaningful physical experiences have to be positive PE experiences and they are built upon these guiding principles:

 Joy and Delight - Happy, active and healthy students are better behaved, can concentrate more and improve their academic potential.

Social Experience - This subject has the power galvanise our community, bring students and teachers closer together, fostering loving and supportive relationships.

Risk - Embracing challenge leads to motivation and continued enjoyment. We provide experiences that place an emphasis upon the challenge inherent in the process of learning.

Confidence - All students irrelevant of their ability are supported to build an acceptable image of their performing self through developing self efficacy and self worth.

Skill development - We take a progressive approach to skill development where students are given time, space and opportunity to develop basic motor patterns and develop skilful movements at their own pace.

Studying GCSE and A Level Physical Education gives our students a fantastic insight into the amazing world of sports performance by covering an incredibly diverse and interesting range of topics. In addition, much of the knowledge and understanding gained will be applied to sport and used to improve personal performance. As well as developing the academic skills of a scientist students will also become a psychologist, physiologist, sociologist and even a philosopher!

At Holyport we recognise that PE, sport and physical activity each offer a unique platform on which to explore a multitude of holistic learning opportunities for our students. PE is not just simply about building skills, we are building happy, confident, healthy and active young people.

An Overview of Physical Education at Holyport College

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