Art at Holyport College

Art forms a basis of individual self expression. Our role is to provide opportunities for students to access a range of experiences through different media. Creativity is central to humanity and art is a platform for students to unlock their self expression, imagination and personality through visual communication.

Art prepares us with adaptable skills for unpredictable lives, not knowing what jobs lie in the future. It is a vital part of our culture and civilization and it is important to understand its place in our society through interpreting and decoding the visual world around us. It offers a unique and direct means of communication and self-expression and helps to build one’s own identity and style. Pupils learn skills that build on their adaptability to different briefs and scenarios. They are encouraged to research with books, to reflect and critically come up with their own ideas and conclusions. Through playful experimentation of materials and ideas, pupils use sketchbooks to record their experiences and responses. Art is an essential activity that enriches and widens a student's cultural understanding helping them to expand their knowledge of how things are made.

Art at Holyport helps pupils to learn about some of the most influential artists throughout history, investigating styles, art movements, designers and architects to improve their cultural understanding. Looking at contemporary art will challenge pupils’ as to the classification of what is ‘art’ and where are its limits? Pupils are asked to be critical and reflective about artistic creations in order to strengthen their own critical analysis, applying artistic devices to enhance their work. Learning to think creatively and outside of the box is important and pupils are encouraged to share their own view on famous works. Art can act as a vehicle for equipping pupils with the skills for the world such as problem solving, This can influence other subjects, just as art feeds from History, Science, Literature in English, Music and Dance, to name a few.

Holyport offers extra-curricular activities through clubs in order to help support and challenge students even further with opportunities to develop work in 3d modelling, textiles, painting, drawing and printmaking. The school hopes to involve professional artists where possible who bring their expertise and knowledge into the college. The department provides opportunities to visit exhibitions, allowing direct access to the work of other artists and cultures.

Art and Industry

The UK has the largest creative sector in Europe where the creative industries, ranging from fashion, architecture and film constitute one of the largest growing sectors in the UK (CBI, 2015). We are proud that our alumni have used their Fine Art A-level to go on to study Illustration, Fine Art, Architecture and Product Design at University. Likewise many of our GCSE students progressed with their creative studies at University or continue with apprenticeships. It is important to address the needs of our young and technology driven pupils who have been ‘born digital’ and brought up with technology and a fast pace for visual stimuli equipping them with skills which they may need in creative industries. Whilst we embrace digital art and technology in the school and department, we must still remember to pause and appreciate everything around us, something that Art can help to do.

An Overview of Art at Holyport College

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