Welcome from the Head

I am delighted to welcome you to Holyport College, one of the most exciting schools in the UK today. I am Adam Bicknell, I am the Interim Head and it is my honour to lead this happy, vibrant and ambitious community.

We are a community founded on the belief that young people who love and value their education will be successful, both academically and personally, and that, through nurture, self discipline and opportunity, all young people can learn to develop a genuine zest for learning. 

At the heart of any student’s life at Holyport College is an ambition for academic excellence.

All of our students, regardless of ability, follow an aspirational academic curriculum. It is my belief that if young people leave education without learning about the world around them, its past, its culture and languages, its heritage and the part that they must play in its future then their education has failed them. To this end, our curriculum model ensures that every student will continue their learning in a broad range of meaningful academic subjects at least until they are sixteen. Our Sixth Form then serves to support more academically able students in gaining access to Oxford, Cambridge, Russell Group and other top universities both within the UK and further afield.

Our students learn to value learning and to take their studies seriously thus ensuring that they leave us both well qualified but also, and more importantly, well educated.

Alongside their academic studies, I believe that students will thrive when their education is enriched with a wide variety of opportunities beyond the classroom. Our extended day affords us the opportunity to offer a huge range of co-curricular activities to suit all tastes and participation in this is compulsory for all students. 

We are exceptionally proud of our partnership with Eton College. Through this partnership, the lives and education of every student at Holyport College are significantly enriched on a regular basis. That said, Holyport College is not Eton College: we have an identity of our own which is unique, exciting and a little bit quirky.

I firmly believe that the success of Holyport College stems from the fact that we are not just a school: we are a partnership, a community and a place where young people develop the skills and tenacity to exceed their expectations of themselves.