Educating the mind without educating
the heart is no education at all.


The term 'extra-curricular' used in many schools gives the impression that anything done outside the classroom is an extra in a pupil’s educational experience, but at Holyport College everything experienced outside the schoolroom is a fundamental part of their whole educational experience. This ensures all students develop in every sense: academically, socially, culturally, physically, spiritually and personally.

Games, PE, Music, Art and Drama are a key part of the main curriculum, particularly in the earlier years. Our longer school day enables us to include Games and PE three or four times a week.  The main sports for girls are: Netball, Hockey, Tennis and Athletics. For boys, the key sports are: Football, Rugby, Cricket and Athletics.  In addition, there are opportunities for pupils to participate in a full range of other minor sports and physical activities including badminton, hockey (boys), rowing, tennis, dance, martial arts, swimming, fitness and basketball.  Many of our sports and physical activities are undertaken on our own site although there are also some timetabled lessons using Eton College’s sports pitches and facilities.  Where lessons take place at Eton, children normally get changed into their sports kit beforehand (the exception being swimming where there are separate changing rooms for boys and girls) and our own minibus shuttle service will take them across to Eton.

Music is compulsory for all pupils up to Year 10 and we encourage participation as much as possible.  Learning to play an instrument, taking part in a house musical production or singing in one of the College choirs are just a few examples of how we expect pupils to get involved in music during their time with us.  We have music practice rooms available for individual tuition.

The additional periods during the day for our co-curriculum give all our pupils opportunities to pursue their own interests and talents in sport, music and the Arts, and to challenge themselves with new experiences.  There is also the chance to undertake a number of homework assignments during these additional periods of the week.