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Admissions FAQ

How do I apply for a place at Holyport College?

Our admission years are Year 7 and Year 9. For both day and boarding places you need to apply through your local authority using the Common Application Form (CAF). Day places and boarding places are listed as separate preferences on the CAF - please ensure you select the correct preference when making your application. You can apply online via your local authority's website or by completing a paper CAF. Please do not send your CAF to Holyport College - it must be returned to your local authority. If you are applying for a boarding place, in addition to the CAF you will need to complete the supplementary application form found on our website under 'Admission Forms'. If you live outside of England and Wales, you do not need to complete a CAF, just the supplementary boarding application form.

Can I apply if I live outside of RBWM?

Yes, you will need to apply through your own local authority, who will liaise with RBWM.

Year 7 Entry

If your son or daughter currently attends a state maintained school in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) you will receive an information pack from RBWM outlining the admissions process for all schools in the borough, and Holyport College will be included in the choice.  This is usually sent out in the summer term prior to the 31st October deadline when applications need to be submitted. If your child attends a school in the independent sector, you will need to apply online via RBWM or your local authority's website or contact them so that they can send you hard copy form for making an application. Applicants from England and Wales applying for a boarding place need to complete the supplementary application form available under 'Admission Forms' in addition to the CAF - both forms must be received by the 31st October deadline. Applicants for boarding places from the rest of the UK or from outside the UK do not need to complete the CAF, only the supplementary application form.

Year 9 Entry

For Year 9 day places, you will need to apply through your local authority using the Common Application Form. Please note that after our priority criteria have been applied, priority is given to children attending Windsor Middle Schools up to a maximum of 22 of the 26 available places (see our Admissions Policy for further clarification). This does not apply to boarding places. For boarding places, you will need to complete the supplementary application form (under 'Admission Forms') and also complete a CAF if you live in RBWM or another local authority with a three tier school system (first/middle/upper schools). If you are applying from outside of RBWM for a Year 9 boarding place, your local authority may not have a Year 9 CAF - please check with them before applying. If this is the case, please email to let us know and we can then make sure that your home local authority is aware of the application.

What is the admissions process for in-year transfers (joining Holyport College in Year 8, Year 10 or transferring into the current Year 7 or Year 9)?

Applying to join Holyport College at any other time except the beginning of Year 7 and Year 9 is an in-year transfer. We are currently full in all year groups but if any spaces become available, they will be filled from the waiting list. To join the waiting list for a day place, you need to complete an in-year transfer form, available on our website, under the 'admissions forms' section. To join the boarding waiting list, please download and complete our boarding application form and return it to us. Our waiting lists are ordered in accordance with our admissions policy, not who has been on there for the longest. A child's place on the waiting list can change at any time. We cannot accept in-year transfer applications after the Spring term of Year 10.

What is the catchment area for Holyport College?

From September 2019 entry onwards, our designated catchment area will follow the Bray Parish boundary (please see our Admissions Policy for further details). This only applies to Year 7 admissions and any in-year admissions until the end of Year 8. For all year groups, after priority places have been allocated, both day and boarding places will be allocated based on geographical proximity(straight-line distance) to the College.

How are your places allocated?

Our admissions policy explains in detail how our places are allocated. The 2019/20 admissions policy is here.

How many Year 7 places are there?

26 day places and 18 boarding places

How many Year 9 places are there?

The additional intake at Year 9 is 26 day places and 18 boarding places. With the Year 8s moving up, in total there are 52 day pupils and 36 boarding pupils in Year 9.

How far was the  furthest away child to be allocated a day place in 2018 and were you oversubscribed?

Click here for RBWM 2018 secondary school allocations for Years 7 and 9. Please note that the published allocation information shows the initial allocation only and does not take into account any waiting list allocations that were made after 1st March.

If I make Holyport College my first choice and am unsuccessful, will I have less chance gaining a place at another school?

Absolutely not.  All preferences are treated equally and the order of preferences is only considered when a pupil is eligible for more than one place.  In these cases, RBWM will offer the highest ranked preference.  If applicants place Holyport College as their first preferred school and they are unsuccessful, their remaining preferences will not be affected.  ‘First preference first’ is specifically banned by the Admission Regulations as a means of resolving oversubscription. 

When do applications open and close?

Applications on the 5th September the year before admission and close on the 31st October. Any applications received after this date are ‘late’ applications and cannot be processed until offers have been made to all ‘on-time' applicants. As Holyport College is oversubscribed, applications made after the 31st October are unlikely to be allocated a place, but they can request to be added to the waiting list.

When will I hear if my application has been successful?

National Offer day is on the 1st March. Year 7 day and boarding applicants and Year 9 day applicants will be notified by their local authority or by Holyport College on this date, or the next working day if 1st March falls on a weekend. Year 9 boarding applicants will be informed once all applications have been processed, usually between late November and late January.

What is the appeals process?

You have the right of appeal against the decision not to allocate a place. For further details of the appeal process, please contact the RBWM Democratic Services team on 01628 796319, or by emailing

Are there feeder schools for Holyport College?

We do not have feeder schools and anyone is free to apply for a place at the College, irrespective of their current school. However, for those pupils applying for a day place in Year 9, there is priority for children currently attending a Windsor Middle School.

Are there fees for attending as a day pupil?

No.  Like other free schools and academies, funding for the education of your child is made directly by the Department for Education.  Fees only apply for the cost of boarding and for the extended day option (7.30am to 7.30pm)

Is Holyport College selective?

No.  Like all new ‘free schools’ Holyport College has an inclusive admissions policy and is not selective on academic ability. This does not apply to Sixth Form applications - for more information on our Sixth Form admissions please click here.

Why are there priority places for some children?

Like any state maintained school, Holyport College has a number of criteria in its admissions arrangements that give priority to certain children in the event of the College being oversubscribed.These include children who are in care or looked after (all schools must have this as a top priority). Also, children whose statement of special educational needs (SEN) names a particular school will be admitted.

Why is there sibling priority only for the same year of entry as the child who is already a pupil at the College?

We are keen to ensure that our admissions arrangements are reasonable and fair.  Where a child has gained a place in a particular year group (Year 7 or Year 9), it is reasonable that their younger sibling should be given priority in the same year group. In practice, we would expect most children to join the College in Year 7 from primary schools and in Year 9 from middle schools.  Of course, any sibling who gains a place through the other priority criteria would be eligible to join in the usual way. Siblings of children who joined the College as in-year transfer in Year 8 are eligible for priority admission in Year 7. Siblings of children who joined the College in Year 10 or 11 as an In-Year transfer are eligible for priority admission in Year 9.

Why is there priority for children eligible for the Pupil Premium?

Along with all schools in the borough, we would expect to have a number of students who are eligible for the Pupil Premium. However, unlike other schools we have set a priority criterion in our admissions arrangements which states that up to 20% of day places will be allocated to children who are eligible.  If you are applying under this criterion, please complete our Pupil Premium Supplementary Information Form, available on our website.

Can I apply for a boarding and day place?

There is no reason why you cannot apply for both types of place, although you will need to specify your order of preference.  Do bear in mind that if you are allocated a boarding place you will be expected to take up this place; RBWM will not be required to find an alternative school if you change your mind.

How do I apply for a boarding place?

If you would like to apply for a boarding place for your son or daughter you will need to complete the Common Application Form (CAF) from your local authority, either online or by post. You will also need to complete a supplementary form, available to download from our website. If you are applying  from outside of England, you do not need to complete the CAF, only the supplementary application form. All pupils whose parents have returned an application for a boarding place will be invited to attend an interview in the autumn term to assess their suitability for boarding at the College. This is not intended to be a stressful process and we very much hope that children and their  parents will enjoy the experience.  

Do you accept international applications for boarding places?

Admission to State Boarding Schools in the UK is limited to children who are nationals of the UK and are eligible to hold a full UK passport, or those who are nationals of other European Union countries or those who have the right of residence in the UK. Please note that the holding of a BN(O) passport does not make the child eligible for a State Boarding School in the UK.

Do you allow weekly boarding?

Children can be collected at the end of the school day on a Friday and return on the Sunday evening. Please note there is no reduction in fees for weekly boarding.  

How much does boarding cost? 

Our fee for the academic year 2018/2019 is £13,200. Fees are payable in advance of the start of each term. 

Do you offer any bursary boarding places?

Each year Holyport College hopes to offer a number of boarding bursaries across Year 7 and Year 9, including one targeted at a child from any military family not entitled to financial support from the Ministry of Defence and children from low-income families who would be expected to thrive in a boarding environment. Decisions on allocation of these places will be made by the Bursary Committee of the Governing Body, and will include close consultation with and reports from the child’s current school in an assessment of capacity to benefit from boarding provision at Holyport College. We will work closely with students, parents and staff to ensure that all boarding admissions represent the right decision for all parties. The cost of these bursaries will be funded by Holyport College and external sources. See appendix 1 of our Admissions Policy for more information. Parents or carers who wish to apply for a bursary funded boarding place should complete our boarding application form before the application deadline and include any supplementary information which will be helpful to us. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide as much information as they deem necessary for us to assess the merits of the application. Holyport College can only consider applicants for a Year 7 or Year 9 bursary boarding place who are in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM) or who have been so at any point during the past 6 years (Ever6). Bursary applications and all supporting documentation must be received by the College before 31st October the year before entry at Year 7 or Year 9. We cannot consider bursary applications for any other year group and we cannot consider applications or documentation received after the closing date.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we hold waiting lists for both day and boarding places. If your application for a place at Holyport College is unsuccessful you can request to join our waiting list. Places from the waiting list will be allocated strictly in accordance with our admissions policy.

I am currently living abroad but wish to join your waiting list before we move back to the UK. Is this possible?

A child must be resident in the UK to join the waiting list for a day place. An international application can be made to join the boarding waiting list, but any available places will be allocated in accordance with our admissions policy, therefore children on the waiting list living closer to the College will get priority.