Educating the mind without educating
the heart is no education at all.


All our policies are available to download and view by clicking the links below.
HC Admissions Policy 2016 Final
HC Assessment and Progress Policy (14-05-2015)
HC Attendance Policy
HC Bad Debt Policy 05-03-2015
HC CCTV Policy
HC Charging and Remissions Policy February 2017
HC Child Protection Policy September 2018
HC Childcare Vouchers statement
HC Complaints Policy CI 03-10-16
HC Counter Bullying Policy CI (21-05-2015)
HC Data Information and Records Policy 051016
HC e-Safety Policy

HC Examination notices, appeals & information for candidates and parents
HC Exclusion Policy 2014
HC First Aid Policy 2016-12-02
HC Governors Allowances policy
HC Health and Safety Strategic Policy final
HC Home-College Contract 2015
HC ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

HC Medicines and Medical conditions Protocol
HC Persistent, Vexatious Complaints and Harassment Policy Jun15
HC Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy CI (21-05-2015)

HC Privacy Notice for Pupils
HC Privacy Policy - April 2018
HC Privacy Policy - Staff Governors and Role Holders - April 2018
Holyport College Pupil Code of Conduct 2015
HC Search Policy (02-07-2014)
HC SEN Policy June 2016

HC SEND Offer 2016
HC Severe Winter Weather Protocol
HC Sex Education Policy 2014 CI (02-07-2014)
HC Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy
HC Teaching and Learning Policy 2014
HC Travel Behaviour Code 2014
HC Whistleblowing Policy 05-03-2015