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Uniform Rules

The College expects high standards of uniform and appearance at all times.  This includes all occasions where the uniform is worn outside College grounds and when travelling to and from the College, school trips, fixtures and activities. All items of uniform and other clothing should be clean, tidy and in good repair at all times.

  1. College Blazers and Jackets:  College boys’ blazers and girls’ jackets must be worn at all times when travelling to and from College, during the school day and when moving from class to class.  Blazers and jackets may only be taken off during lessons with permission from the teacher.

  2. Shirts and Blouses:  Boys’ shirts must be plain white and worn tucked in with the collar done up.  Girls’ blouses must be white and must be tucked in.  Any T shirts or tops worn underneath must not be visible through the shirt or blouse.

  3. Boys’ Trousers:  Boys’ trousers MUST be charcoal grey trousers purchased through the College’s supplier, Schoolblazer.  A plain and unobtrusive black belt can be worn with trousers.

  4. Girls’ Kilts:  Girls’ kilts MUST be charcoal/Eton Blue kilts and purchased through the College’s supplier, Schoolblazer.  The length of the kilts must be touching the knee.

  5. Ties: College ties (boys only) must be worn to cover the buttons of the shirt.

  6. College Pullover: If a pullover is worn, it must be the College long sleeved or sleeveless grey sweater with Eton Blue trim purchased through Schoolblazer.

  7. Socks and Tights: Boys’ socks must be plain dark grey or black.  Girls can wear black or dark grey tights or black or dark grey knee-length socks.

  8. Shoes: Shoes are to be black leather, plain, flat, formal and polished.  Laces and stitching must be black.  Boots, trainers, pumps or shoes in other fabrics such as canvas are not permitted.  Patent leather shoes are not permitted.

  9. Outdoor Coats & Jackets:  If an outdoor coat is worn it must be plain and black.  Hoods, logos and sleeveless jackets may not be worn.  Coats and jackets made of leather or denim are not acceptable.  Pupils may wear the Holyport College waterproof jacket, purchased through Eton Sport to travel to and from the College.  Outdoor clothes are not to be worn during lessons, in the dining hall/refectory or at movement times between lessons.

  10. Hats, Scarves, Gloves: All other items (including hats, scarves, gloves) must be plain and unobtrusive in black or grey.  Extreme styles will not be permitted. 

  11. Bags: Pupils must use a school bag which can carry school books without damaging them.  Bags must be plain black without logos with the exception of the Holyport College laptop bag.  A separate plain black bag must be used for all PE and Games kit.  A Holyport College kit bag is available and can be purchased through Eton Sport.

  12. Hair: Hair must be clean, tidy and in keeping with the formality of the College.  Extremes of length or style are not permitted.  Shaved heads, long hair below the collar (boys), dyed hair, tramlines, stepped and ridged haircuts, patterns, shaved sides and shaped eyebrows are not acceptable.  Hair longer than shoulder length (girls) must be tied back at all times.

  13. Jewellery:  No jewellery other than a wristwatch may be worn.  Girls may wear a single stud earring in each ear.

  14. Make-up: No personal make-up is allowed on pupils and they will be asked to remove any make-up identified.  This includes nail varnish, eye make-up, foundation, lip-gloss, lip-stick, glitter etc.

  15. All items of clothing, bedding and towels should be labelled with the pupil’s name.

The Head Master may grant exceptions but only where this is required as a matter of sincere religious observance and where this can be substantiated by a letter from the leader of the relevant religious community.

Uniform must be in keeping with the College’s ethos.  Extremes of fashion will not be permitted.  Pupils who come to school in clothing that the Head Master or Deputy Head Master consider to be unacceptable may be sent home.