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Boarding is either a personal choice or a necessity. Parents whose employment takes them overseas or those who work long hours often find that a boarding education provides the stability that their child needs. However, the decision to board is also taken by families who see the benefits that boarding clearly affords – community spirit, lifelong friendships, the opportunity to try out many new and fun activities and a growing sense of independence.

Our boarding houses are situated upstairs in the main buildings and we strive to make them a real home from home. Boarders at Holyport College join a community that celebrates traditional values while developing tolerance and understanding, essential when living in such a diverse community. There are a wide variety of activities that the boarders can become involved in and when put alongside our high academic expectations, provide an outstanding, holistic education. Our aim is to develop each boarders’ maturity, confidence, self-motivation and self-discipline, as these qualities are essential in today’s world. Our boarders study hard, enjoy a host of organised experiences and play a positive, leading role in College life.

The environment we strive to create is caring and secure; this is maintained by a team led by our House Masters and Mistresses, including Deputy House Masters/Mistresses, Matrons, Tutors, Resident Fellows, laundry assistants, the catering team and the medical staff. Younger boarders flourish in the homely atmosphere and our older students are excellent role models. All of our boarders receive individual attention from the House staff, who do get to know them very well very quickly, which allows pupils to mature rapidly. Our boarders develop very close friendships and as they mature are allowed to take on growing responsibilities both within the boarding community and in the College.

When full we will have 4 distinct boarding houses, 2 for boys and 2 for girls, in two separate buildings. The boarding houses are modern with well-appointed bedrooms and a mixture of communal areas offering both co-ed and single sex recreational areas.

Sixth Form Boarders will have double rooms, whilst Year 10s and 11s have rooms of 3 and the younger years share rooms of 4 or 5. At evenings and weekends boarders also enjoy supervised use of the school’s study areas, IT suite, grounds, astro turf and sports hall.

The boarder’s day starts with a healthy breakfast in the dining-hall and a chance to get organised for the day ahead. Boarders will then join their fellow day pupils for registration at 8.30am.

After day pupils leave at 5.30pm, boarding pupils will complete a session of homework under the supervision of a member of staff. Older pupils will have greater flexibility, with the option to carry out homework assignments in their study bedrooms or in other quiet study areas in the boarding houses.

Evening meals are taken in the main dining-hall, enabling pupils to meet up with friends and enjoy supper in a more informal environment. After supper and after any additional homework has been completed, pupils will have a free choice of activities for the remainder of the evening. A full programme of activities, clubs and societies during the week will ensure that all pupils find something they are interested in or enjoy. At the weekend, those pupils who are staying in College take part in a varied programme of activities and trips, including culture, sports, outdoor pursuits and entertainment. Examples include: mountain biking in Swinley Forest; theatre trips to London; a trip toThorpe Park; orienteering in the Chilterns; tickets to a major sports fixture or a visit to one of the London museums or art galleries. Some of the facilities of Eton College are also available to enhance our own programme of activities.